Guess what – Money Smart Week starts on April 10th!

Money Smart Week is a great resource for people who desire to learn more about finances. The week is filled with free, virtual events – each day presents a fresh topic. Because these webinars are only 10-15 minutes long, they are easy to fit in any schedule.  

You can attend the webinars that interest you by going to the Money Smart website and clicking on the “Register for Money Smart Week 2021” button. The events are free, but registration is preferred. Once you click the register button, you will be brought to a screen that requests your name, email, zip code, and age range. After filling that information out, you select the webinars you are registering for. Before clicking “submit”, you have the option to ask a financial question. The webinars don’t feature a live Q&A, so if you have a question that is your chance to ask.

Here are some topics covered during Money Smart Week 2021:

Talking Cents –Strategies and tactics to use to keep financial discussions with parents, kids, and life partners comfortable and fun.

Savings: A Little Can Make a Big Difference – How a small savings account (in the low hundreds) is useful and offers realistic savings goals to reach your desired amount.

Understanding the Basics of Federal Student Loans – Basic overview of federal student loan programs,  how things have changed due to COVID-19, and tips on how utilize your loan. This webinar also covers loan servicers, private student loans, debt relief scam prevention, credit monitoring, and default prevention.

Managing Personal Finances During COVID-19 – Suggestions for managing your money during a time of uncertainty; Includes budgeting, emergency savings, and managing debt.

Tax-Related Fraud & Identity Theft – Learn how to recognize and avoid scams; Signs your identity has been stolen, and what to do about it.

Housing Protections and Resources – What steps to take if you are having trouble making rent payments; reviews the law in place to pause foreclosure or mortgage payments.

Tips for Managing Moneys Ups & Downs – Steps to help you take control of your money. Tips on how to make the most of your income.  

Learning about and taking charge of your finances is empowering, lessens stress, and improves your livelihood. Have questions about ways MLCU can help you? See what promotions we have that you can benefit from, call us at 800-552-8643, or text 248-409-3150. We are here to help!