Why Innovation Matters

Last week, we announced that we had been awarded the 2021 Innovation Award from Michigan Credit Union League. What is innovation? Innovation is when a product or idea is created or improved. It directly impacts businesses and their competitors, but how does innovation relate to members?

For Michigan Legacy, innovation shows we care, are forward-thinking, and are invested in our employees, members, and community. This is why we are proud to have been given the 2021 Innovation Award.


We are always looking for ways to better the lives of those around us. Whether that be through the products and services we offer, the benefits to our employees, or our investments in the community. We believe each person is responsible for making the world a better, safer place. We contribute by:

  • Being digitally advanced and using less paper than most financial institutions.
  • Contributing heavily to the communities. We work with companies like Crime Stoppers – to ensure safety – and sponsor the Fight for Air Climb – an event organized by the American Lung Association to bring awareness to the lungs.
  • Sharing with the community. When we remodeled our Wyandotte branch we purchased additional space for parking. When events are going on nearby, this space is available to anyone for free!


At Michigan Legacy, we are always thinking ahead. One way our progressive thinking paid off was pre-COVID when we made plans to convert to a more digitally advanced platform. When COVID arrived and things were forced to be virtual, we were already prepared to advance to that step. Because of this, we were able to ensure that this advanced platform was secure and worked well for our company. It wasn’t rushed – it was calculated and planned because of our innovative efforts. 


Being part of an innovative company means that employees can think outside the box. At Michigan Legacy that is highly encouraged! We believe in our employee’s potential and ability to reach new heights and want to be there to support them. Creativity is something that is inside everyone- think of it like a muscle. When employees have the ability to exercise that muscle, it gets stronger and leads to greatness.

We understand that all employees have lives outside of work and encourage a healthy work/life balance. Our employee’s mental and physical health comes first. We strive to provide our employees with the best benefits and resources to achieve a balance that works for them.

Innovation is something that adds value to an organization and its members. To read more about the innovation reward that Michigan Legacy received, click Read more about the innovation reward that Michigan Legacy received.