You’re not just a member here, you’re an owner – this financial institution belongs to you. As an owner you’re not only invested in an institution, but you’re invested in a financial cooperative that belongs to your family, neighbors, coworkers and community. As we refocus, our main goal is to improve the financial legacy of all owners.

Our Commitment

Building and maintaining relationships, utilizing honesty, integrity and trust to become our member’s first choice for all financial needs.

Your decision to make us your financial institution is a matter that we take seriously. Michigan Legacy Credit Union is proud to offer our members outstanding products and unparalleled service.

The Cooperative Spirit

A cooperative operates for the benefit of member owners. In a cooperative, those with similar needs act together and pool their resources for mutual gain. But the returns are not just monetary. Members ensure that their cooperative business provides the best quality products and services at the lowest possible cost. A cooperative allows every member to benefit from the credit union’s success, through better rates on savings, lower rates on loans, fairer fees and certainly, better customer service.

Membership Benefits

co-op-logoATMs and Shared Branching
We’re open, even when we’re closed!



greenpath-financial-servicesFinancial Education
Need a refresher course? Take advantage of these financial education resources!


trustage-logoInsurance Information
Insurance built for credit union members like you!

love-my-credit-union-rewardsLove My Credit Union
Check out the credit union member discounts from Love My Credit Union!


Auto Value - Michigan LegacyAuto value
Thinking about buying a new car? Or selling one? Check out these trusted websites.




It's Me 247 Online Banking DemoOnline Banking Demos
New to online banking? Here are a few demos of some of It’s Me 247’s most popular features!

Questions? We are ready to assist you and treat you like an owner. Contact our Call Center at (800) 552-8643