New Fee Schedule for 2017

Dear Owners,

There has been a lot going on at your credit union over the past twelve months. We added a new texting
service for your convenience, we converted to a new bill pay service that provides more advancement
possibilities and keeps bill pay free for our owners. The new Warren branch opened in September and it
is a beautiful facility that houses our second call center.

Did you know over the past three years Good, Better and Best Perks members have received fee waivers
of over $3,030,936? This is our patronage 365 and the difference of ownership!

Our member survey completed about a year and half ago indicated our owners really did not like the
phone menu, so the Board of Directors approved adding staff to take all your calls without a menu; you
asked and we delivered! We have been working very hard to improve service to our owners and the final
step to ensure we provide our owners the service you demand. Beginning February 15th, 2017, all
branches will open at 10:30 a.m., every Wednesday. This gives us uninterrupted time to train staff and
deliver the service you demand. It will take time, we anticipate better survey results with this change.

It has been almost six years since our last fee schedule adjustment. There are some changes we are
making based on costs to deliver. The philosophy of your financial cooperative is; the more you use
us the less you pay. Almost all the fee increases can be waived based on your participation with your
financial institution. Effective, February 15, 2017, the following fees will change:

Fee Type

Research Fee

Domestic Outgoing Wire

Statement Fee*
*(this fee will be waived for youth accounts and owners 62 years and older). This fee can also be waived by signing up for eStatements and printing your own statements or saving them on your computer.

Debit Card Replacement
(not charged in card breach or fraud situations [the reason for this fee increase is cost of EMV cards])

Debit Card International Transactions

Monthly Maintenance Fee
If you are Good, Better or Best Perks owner you are not charged this fee. If you are being charged this fee, ask one of our representatives what you can do to avoid this fee altogether.

Check Cashing Fee
If you are a Good, Better, or Best Perks owner you are not charged this fee. If you are being charged this fee, ask one of our representatives what you can do to avoid this fee altogether.

Current Amount

$40 per hour













New Amount

Eliminated immediately








1% of the Transaction Amount





If you have any questions about these changes you can call us at 248-334-0568, text us at 248-409-3150
or visit the website at

The changes made were carefully considered and continue our philosophy of the true financial cooperative.

Most credit unions are making income off of owners with fees, our goal is to provide you the highest
level of financial services. Rather than store up patronage dividends only in good years, we provide
those back to you our owners 365 days a year. Good, Better and Best Perks owners currently receive a
minimum of $48.00 in fee waivers every year.

The highest compliment we receive is when you share the benefits of ownership with your family, friends
and coworkers.

Thank you for your ownership, we sincerely hope you are as proud of your credit union as we are!

Carma S. Peters, NCCO

New fee schedule for 2017:     Fee Schedule