Did you know?  When you compare the fine print in other credit card agreements we are confident you will see how we can help you save money, you will not find “fine print” like this in our disclosures which may lose your intro or teaser rate;

Your payment may delayed up to 5 days if any of the following occur: You do not use our coupon for payment remittance, you do not use our envelope to mail your payment, you fold your check or send more than one check, you use tape, paper clip or staples.

Why would a company do this? When any of the above happens and your “delayed payment posting date” is past your due date you may lose the promotional rate and fall into their default rate which can be 18.98% or even higher.

Transfer Your Balance and Save! Our Credit Union Credit Card is a great way to make purchases. However, if you like the perks you get from your other higher rate cards, go ahead and use them, but then transfer your balance to our lower cost credit card. Let us double your savings! Low fixed rate of interest.

  • Credit Limits up to $25,000
  • NO Annual fee
  • NO cash advance fees or balance transfer fees
  • Low monthly payment: 2% of balance or $25, whichever is higher
  • Check your credit card info online
  • To report your VISA Card lost or stolen, call the Credit Union during business hours and 866-333-4740 after hours.
  • We offer fixed and variable rates.

Apply for a Credit Card now or call one of our friendly member service representatives at 248-334-0658 or text VISA to 248-409-3152.

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