You can open a special savings or side savings account under your main share member account number and name it anything you want. If you are saving for a specific goal (a new car, your dream vacation, unexpected expenses or any other goal that is important to you), give your savings account a nickname. When you log into It’s Me 247, our online banking service, you can give your special account any nickname you would like. Watch your money grow with payroll deposits from your pay check, make savings hassle free and convenient. Just ask one of our friendly Member Service Representatives to help you.

  • Dividends are compounded and credited to the account quarterly.
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  • You can access your Primary Share Account at over 25,000 Surcharge-Free ATM’s nationwide with a Michigan Legacy Credit Union Debit MasterCard or ATM card.
  • You can also access your share accounts with CU*TALK, It’s Me 247, Xtend Shared Branching and at Credit Union Family Service Centers.
  • To become a member of Michigan Legacy Credit Union click on ‘Become A Member’ under our Quick Link on the right. One of our friendly Member Services Representatives will contact you.
  • If you are already a member and would like to open a Special Savings account do so today by emailing our Member Services, call us at 800-552-8643, or text us: 248-409-3150.

Holiday Club Accounts

Holiday Club Accounts are a great way to save and take the stress out of the holidays. Make your financial goal this year to open and start savings so you won’t have to use those credit cards. Just think – fewer bills in January, this also helps your credit score when your credit card balances exceed more than half of your credit limit your credit score starts to go down, which means you are paying a higher interest rate on borrowed money and even car insurance. The funds in your Holiday Club account are deposited to your Checking Account (or savings if you do not have a checking) the first week of November.

  • Payroll deduction deposits can be used to build up the funds in this special account.
  • Set-up an Auto Transfer from your checking or regular savings as often as you’d like.
  • If you would like to open a Holiday Club Account or would like more information email Member Services, call us at 800-552-8643, or text us: 248-409-3150.