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ATM/Debit/Credit Card FAQ's

What do I do when I am going to travel and plan to use my ATM/Debit/Credit card?
To help ensure uninterrupted service during your time away, please provide us with your travel plans before you leave. This enables us to contact you in the event we detect any suspicious activity on your account. By giving us your contact information, such as telephone numbers and travel destination(s) with start and end dates, we will be able to better serve you while you’re away.
Make sure that we have an up-to-date phone number on file at all times. It is very helpful to have a cell phone listed as your primary contact number so you can be reached immediately by our fraud security service. For more information about our ATM/Debit/Credit card services, please contact a Member Service Representative at 800-552-8643.
Are there fees involved when using my card out of the country?
Any time you use your card in a foreign country there will be a foreign currency conversion fee assessed for each transaction whether it is a purchase or an ATM transaction. It is 1% of the total transaction.
Is there a fee for using ATM machines?
Normal Credit Union fees will apply for using a non-Co-Op Network ATM. Also the machine that you are using may also have a fee. It is best to review the transaction before completion to see exactly what fees will be assessed. Check out the resources tab to look for surcharge FREE ATM locations, there are over 33,000 nationwide!
The ATM machine did not return my card; can I get it back from the financial institution?
Unfortunately it is standard practice for financial institutions to destroy those cards. It is a security measure in place to make sure that an unauthorized person isn’t using the card. Just contact the Credit Union and we will be happy to order a new one for you.
Why isn’t my card working at the ATM machine?
There are a number of reasons for an ATM transaction to fail.
  • The ATM machine could be out of service or systems could be off line and unable to process transactions.
  • There could be an issue with the magnetic stripe on your card and you may need a replacement.
  • You could be at your daily withdrawal limit. (Contact the Credit union to verify your limits)
If you try and are unsuccessful you may want to try another machine. If you are still unable to complete a transaction you should contact the Credit Union to troubleshoot the issue.
Why was my Debit/Credit card transaction declined?

Michigan Legacy Credit Union works with a premier fraud protection service to monitor activity on our member’s cards. To deter fraud, the credit union security service may block a card if suspicious card activity occurs. If things like unusually high purchase amounts, out of the ordinary merchants or uncharacteristic transactions originating in a foreign country are identified on your account, your card may be temporarily frozen.

When fraudulent card activity is suspected, you will be contacted immediately by a fraud analyst to verify the transaction. You will be asked to verify your identity, but never for your full social security number, card number or Credit Union account number. If the transaction is valid, subsequent purchases will not be blocked. If card activity cannot be verified, the transaction will be marked as suspicious and your card will be blocked.

In the event you plan on making a larger than normal purchase the Credit Union will work to assist in temporarily raising your limit to insure that your transaction will go through. (This only applies to purchases. Withdrawal limits cannot be raised).

Sometimes merchants do not have updated systems. If you card works everywhere else but one specific merchant this is probably the case. Contact the Credit Union, the situation will be reported to our card processor to see that the merchant is in compliance.