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Using your Credit Union Debit MasterCard is a great way to make purchases with funds pulled directly from your checking account without incurring the interest you would pay if you were using a credit card. It is also more convenient than writing a check.

Have you ever noticed that merchants almost always ask you "debit" or "credit" when you use your Credit Union Debit MasterCard? The merchant is simply asking how you’d like your transaction processed.

When you answer

You will sign for the transaction and it will be deducted from your checking account, stop writing checks and start swiping.
You will be required to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN). You can also get cash back when you enter your PIN at many merchants nationwide, avoid ATM fees by getting cash back when you shop (where available). The transaction will automatically be deducted from your checking account.

All purchases using the credit or debit option on your Credit Union Debit MasterCard are FREE! The next time you use your Debit MasterCard, tell the merchant it’s a credit transaction, sign and go.

  • Your Debit MasterCard is also your ATM card so you can use your card at thousands of ATMs nationwide to withdraw cash using your PIN
  • Convenience of a no-surcharge ATM network.
  • Over 28,000 ATM locations.
  • Your Debit MasterCard is accepted worldwide for the purchase of goods and services, just look for the MasterCard logo.
  • Unlimited debit transactions!!!! No per transaction fee
  • There is ZERO liability to you for fraudulent credit transactions on your Debit MasterCard and $50.00 of liability when your PIN is used for fraudulent purchases and transactions.
  • Service available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week at ATMs and merchants worldwide.
  • Free card: no annual fee; no interest charges.
  • Security: no need to carry large sums of cash.
  • Confidentiality: your PIN or signature on a receipt ensures that information about your account is confidential.
  • Easy money management as your purchases and ATM withdrawals appear on your monthly checking account statement.
  • To report your MasterCard® debit/ATM card lost or stolen, please call 888-241-2510.
  • Apply Online for your Credit Union Debit MasterCard or call member services at call us today!

Helpful Consumer Tips:

When you pay with your Credit Union Debit MasterCard, deduct the amount from your checkbook register just as you do when writing a check or getting cash from the ATM. Keep on top of your checking account balance – and out of overdraft trouble. Every time you make a debit card purchase you get a receipt, which makes record keeping easy. The receipt has complete information: merchant’s name, date of purchase and amount. The same detailed information about debit card purchases appears on your monthly checking account statement. Does cash seem to slip through your fingers without a trace? Because using a debit card provides a monthly record where, how often and how much money you spend, you can manage money better.

Financial Facts to protect yourself… if you ever need to dispute a transaction you must first seek resolution with the merchant, we are now required to ask for your letter to the merchant or your documented conversation before we are able to assist you in any way. It is always a great idea when talking to any company regarding a transaction against your account to document the date, time, who you spoke with and your conversation. Protect yourself by sending a follow up letter to restate the conversation as this will help us to assist you if the merchant does not provide a refund credit back to you.